Last week on Malwarebytes Labs:

  • You get a passkey, you get a passkey, everyone should get a passkey
  • Dropbox Sign customer data accessed in breach
  • Watch out for tech support scams lurking in sponsored search results
  • Psychotherapy practice hacker gets jail time after extorting patients, publishing personal therapy notes online
  • Wireless carriers fined $200 million after illegally sharing customer location data
  • Malwarebytes Premium Security earns “Product of the Year” from AVLab
  • FBI warns online daters to avoid “free” online verification schemes that prove costly
  • Kaiser health insurance leaked patient data to advertisers

Last week on ThreatDown:

  • ThreatDown earns “Product of the Year” from AVLab
  • Gitlab zero-click vulnerability under active exploitation
  • Nitrogen threat profile
  • London Drugs closes retail stores after ransomware attack
  • CISA pilot has sent 2,000 alerts to organizations at risk of ransomware
  • LockBit Black threat profile
  • The anatomy of a Medusa ransomware attack: ThreatDown MDR team investigates
  • Medusa ransomware: What organizations need to know
  • Corporate users targeted via malicious ads and modals

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