Ransomware review: December 2023

This article is based on research by Marcelo Rivero, Malwarebytes’ ransomware specialist, who monitors information published by ransomware gangs on their Dark Web sites. In this report, “known attacks” are those where the victim did not pay a ransom. This provides the best overall picture of ransomware activity, but the true number of attacks is far higher. […]

The Spelling Police: Searching for Malicious HTTP Servers by Identifying Typos in HTTP Responses

Authored by Margit Hazenbroek At Fox-IT (part of NCC Group) identifying servers that host nefarious activities is a critical aspect of our threat intelligence. One approach involves looking for anomalies in responses of HTTP servers. Sometimes cybercriminals that host malicious servers employ tactics that involve mimicking the responses of legitimate software to evade detection. However, […]

Empowering cybersecurity leadership: Strategies for effective Board engagement – post by LinkCyb

With the increased regulation surrounding cyberattacks, more and more executives are seeing these attacks for what they are – serious threats to business operations, profitability and business survivability. But what about the Board of Directors? Are they getting all the information they need? Are they aware of your organization’s cybersecurity initiatives? Do they understand why […]

Zero-Day Alert: Lace Tempest Exploits SysAid IT Support Software Vulnerability

The threat actor known as Lace Tempest has been linked to the exploitation of a zero-day flaw in SysAid IT support software in limited attacks, according to new findings from Microsoft. Lace Tempest, which is known for distributing the Cl0p ransomware, has in the past leveraged zero-day flaws in MOVEit Transfer and PaperCut servers. The issue, tracked as CVE-2023-47246, […]

Judge rules it’s fine for car makers to intercept your text messages

A federal judge has refused to bring back a class action lawsuit that alleged four car manufacturers had violated Washington state’s privacy laws by using vehicles’ on-board infotainment systems to record customers’ text messages and mobile phone call logs. The judge ruled that the practice doesn’t meet the threshold for an illegal privacy violation under […]

Meta whistleblower says company has long ignored how it sexually endangers children

At a Senate hearing, a Meta whistleblower has revealed some shocking numbers around children’s experiences of its platforms. Arturo Béjar, a former engineering director at Meta, testified before the US Congress on Tuesday. Not only did he share his own daughters’ experience suffering harassment on Instagram, he also shared some statistics. “13% of Instagram users […]

ChatGPT Down? OpenAI Blames Outages on DDoS Attacks

By Waqas OpenAI and ChatGPT began experiencing service outages on November 8th, and the company is actively working to restore full service. This is a post from HackRead.com Read the original post: ChatGPT Down? OpenAI Blames Outages on DDoS Attacks

New Malvertising Campaign Uses Fake Windows News Portal to Distribute Malicious Installers

A new malvertising campaign has been found to employ fake sites that masquerade as legitimate Windows news portal to propagate a malicious installer for a popular system profiling tool called CPU-Z. “This incident is a part of a larger malvertising campaign that targets other utilities like Notepad++, Citrix, and VNC Viewer as seen in its infrastructure (domain […]

Mitigating deepfake threats in the corporate world: A forensic approach

The content of this post is solely the responsibility of the author.  AT&T does not adopt or endorse any of the views, positions, or information provided by the author in this article.  In an era where technology advances at breakneck speed, the corporate world finds itself facing an evolving and insidious threat: deepfakes. These synthetic […]