’Tis the Season for eCrime

Financially motivated criminal activities, aka “eCrime,” happen in waves. They come and go as adversaries develop new tools and target vulnerable victims. Similar to how investors track stock market activity using various indexes, CrowdStrike monitors eCrime using multiple observables and codifies the activity in the CrowdStrike eCrime Index (ECX). While most factors that affect the […]

Evicting Typosquatters: How CrowdStrike Protects Against Domain Impersonations

Threat actors constantly unleash phishing attacks that use emails or text messages containing domains or URLs, all designed to impersonate well-known companies and trick users into visiting fake websites and entering their logon or other confidential information. Unfortunately, many users fall prey to such attacks, unknowingly giving threat actors access to their work or personal […]

Get ready for RSA 2023: Stronger Together

Going to RSA next week? If you don’t know, it’s a huge cybersecurity conference held at Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. If you’re going, please stop by the AT&T Cybersecurity booth and check us out. It’s at #6245 in the North Hall. Remember to bring a picture ID for RSA check-in, otherwise you’ll have […]

Guidance on network and data flow diagrams for PCI DSS compliance

This is the third blog in the series focused on PCI DSS, written by an AT&T Cybersecurity consultant. See the first blog relating to IAM and PCI DSS here. See the second blog on PCI DSS reporting details to ensure when contracting quarterly CDE tests here. PCI DSS requires that an “entity” have up to date […]