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Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) plays a critical role in identifying security risks, prioritizing misconfigurations, and implementing a zero-trust framework. It is an emerging technology, and there are only a few capable solutions that provide good product offerings. Check out the list of some of the best DSPM platforms that can be considered to streamline data protection, governance, and compliance efforts.

Top Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) tools to watch

1. Securiti DSPM

Securiti DSPM ranks at the top on Gartner’s list of DSPM platforms in this category. Gartner has given a rating of 4.7 which is the highest amongst other products. The tool is built to protect an organization’s data, especially sensitive data, everywhere. The platform covers data in numerous environments and across various formats, such as structured and unstructured data systems.

Users can gain visibility of their data at rest and in motion across public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud systems. The solution also covers SaaS environments which is a plus since traditionally, DSPM covers only public clouds. The solution leverages AI/ML-powered sensitive data insights to streamline their data governance strategy, data lineage, access policies and controls, and privacy operations, such as cross-border transfer policies.

2.  Symmetry DataGuard

Symmetry DataGuard comes second to Securiti in ranking and rating as well. The DSPM solution has received a 4.6 rating in the Product Capabilities and Customer Experience categories. It delivers real-time data protection. With visibility of data and advanced analytics, security teams can not only ensure data security but also availability and integrity. Users can leverage that granular information to power their IAM engines to implement effective data controls, access, and permission.

Symmetry DataGuard can be an expensive and you’ll need to invest time to understand the product because of its extensive capabilities and features.

3. Sentra

Sentra’s DSPM platform is built for speed and efficiency. The platform offers agentless discovery, which means that data doesn’t leave an organization’s secure environment, and hence there’s zero disruption to the productivity of teams.

Another important aspect of Sentra’s DSPM solution is that it is easy to implement and scale. It further offers great integration capability and thus enables organizations to integrate with various ecosystems for discovering data.

4.  Dig Security Platform

Up to 77% of users would recommend Dig Security Platform, suggests Gartner. The DSPM platform has garnered a 4.2 rating on the review platform. The tool can help security and data teams to effectively identify and discover data and perform accurate categorization and classification.

The data detection and response capabilities of the solution further ensure robust data protection. Teams can have a complete understanding of their data spread across physical and virtual databases and protect sensitive data from security risks, such as data exfiltration, ransomware, and shadow data.

5.  Flow Security

Flow Security covers a large set of environments to discover all data of an organization. For instance, the solution can scan through on-prem infrastructure, multiple cloud environments, SaaS applications, and other self-managed databases.

The ML capabilities enable data teams to discover and classify data elements across structured and unstructured formats. The tool can further discover security vulnerabilities and track them for remediation.

6. Laminar

Laminar is another emerging solution provider that offers a DSPM platform. The platform offers an agile DSPM solution that delivers speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The tool has received a 4.1 rating by reviewers. Data teams can leverage the platform to gain the required data insights of their multi cloud and SaaS environments.

Various controls can be configured to enable robust data protection in the cloud, such as risk discovery and management, access policies, governance framework optimizations, and compliance management. Since Laminar has a lot of room for improvement, you may find the platform lacking in the department of scalability, which is a must for large-scale data-driven organizations.

7. TrustLogix

TrustLogix cloud data security platform, as the name suggests, is built for the cloud to gain data visibility and optimize controls around security, governance, and compliance. The DSPM platform is built for the cloud, and it can be deployed swiftly. It can be connected to a variety of cloud-native environments along with self-managed clouds and SaaS applications.

It doesn’t require access to the data, but it only scans for schemas and configuration metadata. TrustLogix further reviews the log files to detect any anomalies related to sensitive data access for enhanced protection.

8. Cyera

Cyera Platform is a well-trusted DSPM solutions provider in the industry. It provides organizations with comprehensive information on their sensitive data, geographies, and data access controls.

Its DSPM solution covers a lot of ground when it comes to ecosystems in that it can discover data in IaaS, PaaS, self-managed databases, managed databases, as well as DBaaS environments.

9. Concentric

The Concentric Semantic Intelligence product delivers DSPM capabilities to help businesses and security teams find their most important data, find security gaps, and prevent unauthorized access.

The complex ML capabilities of Concentric’s functionalities allow autonomous discovery of the data across a business’s data environment and classify a wide number of data elements, such as PCI data, PHI data, and PII data.

10. Veza

Veza’s DSPM solution provides businesses with a powerful vulnerability management system that allows them to discover identities and mitigate risks. The solution can be integrated with a number of cloud and SaaS systems, such as Okta, Slack, OneLogin, GitHub, GitLab, AWS, OCI, AWS DynamoDB, and GCP, to name a few.

11. BigID

BigID ranks as one of the top cloud data management solutions, and they are now also offering a DSPM solution. The solution comes with a decent data discovery and classification engine that categorizes data across different formats and systems. The solution can further identify and track data security risks, help optimize data access policies across roles and users, and enhance security posture.

12. Fasoo

Data Radar is Fasoo’s product that offers DSPM capabilities. The DSPM platform can replace a traditional data loss prevention solution with an advanced DSPM tool, offering powerful discovery and classification capabilities along with access controls and policies, and risk assessment.

13. Normalyze

With Normalyze DSPM platform, you can search, identify, and categorize data in your Google, Azure, and AWS data clouds. You can sift through data in cloud-native environments across various data formats.

14. OneTrust

OneTrust is also a well-known DSPM provider. The solution provides data discovery, classification, and inventorying. You can use the tool to discover security gaps and enhance access controls to implement a zero-trust framework.

15. Open Raven

Open Raven has a wide range of functionalities that can optimize data security posture. Its DSPM platform can enable businesses to discover and classify data, assess security posture risks, optimize controls, and implement guardrails to meet compliance.

Final thoughts

In today’s data-driven era, finding the best DSPM platform is crucial for businesses to safeguard data against cyber threats and derive business value while meeting compliance. So, go through the provided list of DSPM platforms and pick the best one to meet your business objectives.