After the arrest of the former admin of the BreachForums, Pompompurin, the succeeding administrator Baphomet has gotten into a game of peekaboo on the dark web.

Baphomet released a Telegram post stating that they were neither arrested nor ‘boarded by any naval fleets’ and would remain active.

With Baphomet returning to Telegram, petty cybercriminals looking to make money by selling stolen credentials and other data may breathe a sigh of relief.

The Cyber Express had reported in March the intentions of Baphomet in taking the place of Pompompurin and continuing the dark trade of stolen data, among other things.

Baphomet Returning to Telegram

However, the announcement was changed when Baphomet returned to Telegram with a post bidding adieu to the BreachForums.

The Telegram post read, “I know that everyone wants the forum up, but there is no value in short-term gain for what will likely be a long-term loss by propping up Breached as it is.”

However, the post stated that a Telegram group would be set up to keep the followers updated.

Baphomet returning to Telegram

The new Telegram post from the cybercriminal going by the name Baphomet claimed that they have verified themselves with the staff via PGP-signed messages.

Baphomet Returning to Telegram
Telegram post by Baphomet

PGP or Pretty Good Privacy is a way of signing a message with a private key that relies on a public key to read the signature making it authenticated and secure.

Telegram post by Baphomet
Telegram post by Baphomet

Cybersecurity researcher FalconFeedsio tweeted about this announcement while also stating that more updates will be made in the future.

“I plan to follow up with another PGP-signed message here in the next couple of days to discuss what things have been going on and what my next steps are,” read a screenshot of a PGP-signed message posted by FalconFeedsio.

This suggests that the administrator may have been pondering over data breaches and leaks in collaboration with other cybercriminals.

Moreover, in the post about Baphomet returning to Telegram, members were asked not to spam the staff with questions as they may be busy and probably not have the answers.

What to expect with Baphomet returning to Telegram

It is unlikely that the FBI and departments of police from other countries that collaborated to seize Pompompurin will not take steps to capture Baphomet.

BreachForums have been on the police radar ever since they began and have been taken down by authorities. Other forums have come into existence to keep the dark market floating however, just like the former, others were also taken down.

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